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Human Resourcing

We offer a boutique of world class HR services to our customer, ranging from coaching and prepping for job interviews, to leadership and management training; from job placement to immigration and international education consulting services. We specialize in Total Rewards Management.

Our training and coaching sessions will position you to reward people fairly, equitably and consistently in accordance with their value to the organization.

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Customer service training - He believe that the staff are the most important asset of any organization, and the optimizing business productivity and hence profitability should start with improving staff competence and confidence. We provide customized and business specific training to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of staff

Leadership Training - including leadership of self, leadership of teams and leadership of communities, all tailored to enhancing your organizational effectiveness, productivity and ultimately productivity. This in recognition of centrality of effective leadership to the profitability and sustainability of any business. We will help your realise and maximize your leadership potential.

Immigration consulting - Our key staff have travelled the globe. We leverage their personal experience and international network provide bespoke immigration consultancy and value adding advise to our customer. We handhold our customers every step of the way until they secure their complete and valid immigration and travel documentation. We specialize in immigration to Australia, Canada, United States and Europe. Our No visa, no pay policy is the only of its kind in the industry.

International education consulting and placements - subset of our immigration services. We help you find that international school that suits your specific need and provide a pathway that when followed will see you realise your dreams of getting that coveted international education and or certification. We link you up with scholarship awarding bodies/organizations and help you prepare winning applications in line with the requirements of each awarding body.

Interview coaching and Expat Job placement - Our consultants have multiple years of local and international experience in varied industries in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. They will not only help find matching international placements for our customers, but also help you through the application and interview process. We hand hold you evert step of the way until you are fully on-boarded to your dream job. Our records and success rates speak for itself. We also provide refresher training to help you sharpen and enhance your chances of landing your dream international/local job. Your employment letter is your invitation to pay us for services rendered. Click here to submit your CV/Resume now. Contact us today to book an appointment to attend our Resume enhancement seminar.

Personal branding - We help you discover the real you in you..….your true identity and help you maximize your potential