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Business strategy consulting

Are your competitors talking about you in their boardrooms? Does your strategy guide how you allocate resources? Can every employee articulate your strategy and are they empowered to execute on it? At Xcite, we see strategy as much more than a plan. Strategy is our core business at Xcite. We work with companies to develop and implement strategies that deliver real results… winning strategies.

We collaborate with you to build sustainable capabilities and competences into your team, and help your organization leverage opportunities created by changes along the value chain. As fresh eyed “outsiders”, we see what your leadership miss, and offer you creative and innovative solutions that combine the personal experience of our expert consultants, intimate sector knowledge and clear insights into how to create value across the value chain for your business. We define our success by your results. We enjoy the challenge and fun that comes from working for you.

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We specialize in business and organizational/corporate Strategy development and implementation. Business strategy involves practical strategic step tailored to the unique needs of individual business units to help managers make optimal decisions about where and when to play and how to win.
The goal here is to enable a business to reach its full all round potential. Organizational/Corporate strategy involves a proprietary set of actions that maximizes the sum total of the potential of individual business units to enable the organization to be worth more than just the sum of its parts. We help businesses achieve leadership positions in the areas of their core competence.

We accomplish the above by focusing on our partner customer’s most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, organizational transformation, operations optimization, marketing, technology, and sustainability. Our expert consultants bring cognate functional expertise and holistic approach to help y helicopter view: we capture value across your company’s whole value chain. Our award winning strategy delivers multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

High-performance organizations accomplish what they set out to do and their employees are engaged and have fun delivering organizational strategies. At Xcite, we are positioned to help you improve your financial performance and make your organization a better and fun place to work by helping you ensure that your entire organizational system is aligned and set up to deliver on the company's objectives

Xcite Consults has a comprehensive tool kit to help our clients address decision difficulties and other organizational barriers to performance. Our areas of expertise include:
Leadership behaviors and alignment.
Leadership is the heartbeat of any organization. Leadership embodies and models the vison, mission, value and belief system of any organization. Leadership is the face of any organization and leadership behaviors are one of the critical ``soft`` elements that research shows are most important in determining an organization's decision effectiveness and hence its performance. Sometimes, however, a company's leadership behaviors and decision style will have to change—adapting to a different strategy or external business environment. Our leadership trainings help equip your organizational leadership with the behavioral sets required to lead a high-performing organization as yours.

Organization Diagnostics: We use our diagnostic tool to assess and identify how to improve client’s organizational performance. Running the diagnostics helps companies determine where their organization is strong, where it is weak and needs improvements, and most importantly which outcomes are critical for sustainable and superior business performance. Our diagnostics is built around six primary organizational outcomes that is characteristic of high-performing organizations namely:
  1. aligned with the company's strategy;
  2. capable of executing strategy with the right talent, processes and tools;
  3. effective at making and executing critical decisions;
  4. adaptable in the face of rapid change;
  5. efficient in realizing the benefits of scale and scope; and
  6. engaged to go the extra mile.
The first three outcomes (aligned, capable and effective) serve as the foundation on which superior business performance, while the remaining three (adaptable, efficient and engaged) are accelerators, giving companies a true competitive advantage after a strong foundation has been laid. the top quintile of all six outcomes are three times as likely to be a business performance leader than the average company.

Talent management and leadership supply.
No company can turn in a great performance without great people. High performers learn to assess their talent pipeline, deploy their most promising people more effectively in critical decision areas and reduce their demand for scarce skills. We also help you identify, target and recruit high performing talents from around the word.

Measures and incentives.
We will help your organization create a new, or optimize your existing performance measurement to be fully aligned with your organizational culture and other strategies. We build dashboards that serve as barometers of ongoing business performance, and help companies devise tailored compensation systems that will reward actions and behaviors that advance the organization's goals and incentivize the right organizational behaviors an decision effectiveness.
Organization Simplification.
Organizational complexity is the new normal, driven by growth, globalization and disruptive technologies, economic uncertainty and socio political realities. And simplification is the winning and sustainable answer to the challenge that create complexities. We help you simplify your business, process, and management processes for greater effectiveness and a delivery mindset with focus on the bottom-line. We accomplish this by working with you to proactively identify and simultaneously/manage the key drivers of complexity to your advantage.

Decision effectiveness.
Great organizations make optimal decisions: they make those decisions quickly and execute them effectively. We leverage the concepts of 5-decision steps (Score your organization, Focus on key decisions, Make decisions work, Build an organization, and Embed decision capabilities) as described in Decide & Deliver, to help clients identify key decisions, X-ray each one to determine problem areas and reset those decisions for maximum effectiveness, helping clients to strengthen weak elements of the organization, in conjunction with the open book management concept, embed good decision making and execution in your everyday operations and at all organizational levels.

High-performance culture.
Organizational culture is at the heart of competitive advantage, because it determines how things are done and motivates behavior at all organizational level. It is the hardest thing for competitors to copy or replicate. High-performance culture creates an environment bristling with passion for performance—so that people make optimal decisions at all organizational levels. Our open book management model motivates the needed high-performance culture.

Change management.
Change is constant. Change is essential to business growth and sustainability, and yes change is tough and always has been. We understand that organizational change is a particularly emotional process—often a source of tension and insecurity. We help businesses incorporate human face and dignity to this difficult process with clear communications and solid engagement plans to motivate people, in alignment with the requirements of open book management. We help businesses drive alignment and avoid ambiguity around critical roles and decision processes.